Monday, September 19, 2011

A penny for your thoughts.

Ok, I'll be honest.
I've been avoiding blogging.  I've had several other women approach me about starting blogs lately.
I've been a little intimidated by others being inspired by my blog.  I'm not really sure why?  I have tried to talk about real issues and victories associated with parenting.  I know many topics related to parenting can be controversial.  I hope to open a dialogue, show a different perspective, hold myself accountable to a variety of different things, without ever trying to justify what I'm doing or force an opinion on someone else.

I got to watch The View last week after a long 8 months without any cable.  I mean, not even 1 channel.  We just got cable so we could feed our NFL addictions and The View may or may not have had anything to do with the decision that cable was worth $30 a month to us.  Anyway, I was enjoying The View with a cup of coffee one morning last week and I saw a segment with Sarah Jessica Parker.  I am not typically a huge fan of hers, I don't dislike her really but don't love her either.  But I really related to what she had to say about her new movie, I Don't Know How She Does It.  Here's the clip, start around 50 seconds if you want to skip the introduction part.

I really appreciate what she says.  Engaging in conversation is so important for women.  We are so busy doing a never-ending list of things that need to be done in order for our lives to run smoothly, our husbands to be taken care of, and our children's needs to be met.  I think that Sarah Jessica Parker said what I've been thinking extremely well.  I hope this can be a place that a dialogue can be opened.  I can discuss what I've been reading or considering as a new parent.  I have really enjoyed keeping a blog for the first time and I hope that the topics keep coming and the readers keep reading.

Mama Riss


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I'm glad that you aren't afraid to start a conversation and defend your beliefs. You've talked about a lot of things that I haven't been aware of.(maybe because I'm not a mom)I'm gleaning from your experiences and I really appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there. :) -Ashley

  2. I look forward to reading a post from you! Please don't feel intimidated. Being someone's inspiration is a good thing. Obviously, you're doing great things. xo

  3. You, my dear lady, have (nearly) single-handedly changed my perspective on natural birth, among many other things. I love your perspectives and gobble up your thoughts on all things parenthood. Keep it up and don't hold back!

  4. Your comments all mean a lot to me. I really appreciate you ladies. I'll keep posting, I promise! :)