Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say"

A friend of mine posted this to her Facebook and I got a kick out of it.  I have to admit to either saying or thinking probably 90% of the things she says.  It's good to laugh at yourself though, right?  So here's to laughing at ourselves.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Oliver's Movie!

Kurt made a movie that we played at Oliver's birthday party.  He documented Oliver's first year wonderfully and I can't stop watching the video.  I love seeing Oliver's milestones and how he's grown and changed this year.  I love my baby boy!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oliver's Birthday Party!

Well we did it.  We pulled it off.  Oliver's sock monkey party was last night and we had a great time.  I loved having our friends here to celebrate with us.  I feel so blessed to have such great friends here in Knoxville.  Kurt's parents were able to come for the party and we were so glad to have them here as well.  Here are some pictures of the party for the family that could not make it here.  I got a lot of my ideas from pinterest, which I'm so grateful for!  *Recipes at bottom*

Thanks Aunt Libby for making our cake!

Drink table- green sweet tea, IBC root beer, coke, water

Coffee with sock monkey stirring sticks!

Smash cake- which Oliver wasn't very interested in

Food Table!!


Make your own sock monkey puppet!

Party Hats 
Oliver's "guest book"

Monkey Butt!

And Oliver's friend Jack playing the guitar!
Banana Pudding-- This is a dear friend's recipe and it's the best banana pudding I've ever had!
1 large box VANILLA pudding
Cool whip
Vanilla wafers 
Make pudding using 1/2 cup LESS than directed on box.  For big box use 2.5 cup cold milk instead of 3.  Chill according to box directions.  Mix spoonful of cool whip with pudding.  Layer pudding, banana slices, wafers, cool whip until gone.  I topped my banana pudding cups with crushed vanilla wafers.  The cups I used in the pictures came from dollar tree and were disposable. 


Monday, January 16, 2012

It's almost Party Time!!!

I feel like a kid, I'm so excited for this birthday party coming up on Saturday. I'm obviously more excited than Oliver since- well- he doesn't even know it's his birthday. I have had so much fun crafting and planning this party. I've sewn, hot glued, cut, wrapped, pinned, and taped. I have refrained from posting pictures of my crafting progress because I don't want all our guests to see what I've made, since everyone some of you, read my posts...

I can however share the menu. Just for kicks and giggles. Since you're on the edge of your seat wondering what we're eating.

Pulled Pork -- my special recipe, I made it for Kurt's birthday 4 days before Oliver was born
Fruit skewers
Veggie tray with ranch dip
Baby bell cheese tray
Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Chips and Sala
Other chips
Taco Dip
Nutella Banana Sticks
Banana Pudding Cups
Cake and Ice cream

We're expecting 19 adults and 6 kiddos. Kurt's family comes Friday midday and I'm really excited about that too! Enough about the party. Lets talk about our new camera.

We got a Canon Rebel camera at the beginning of this month. Here's how cool Kurt is. I said, "I want that so bad" He said, "Ok lets get it now and we'll have it for Oliver's birthday". Easy as pie. :) Since we dropped the money on a camera we decided we should take Oliver's pictures ourselves instead of paying Sears or umm, Wal-mart (they did a surprisingly good job)- To do them.
So we put a sheet up and started snapping away and after about 250 shots, we got a few pretty good ones. We're still learning so don't be too hard on us!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quick Update

I just wanted to check in quickly. First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

A quick recap of our last few weeks would tell you that we had a nice holiday despite a hospital stay for my little sister, the bride. She had another meeting with kidney stones, one week before her wedding, on Christmas Eve. Jenny and I were able to pitch in to get the holiday meal cooked while my mom stayed with Libby in the hospital. Libby and Mom arrived back home about 5pm on Christmas Day. We had our meal and Christmas that evening, it actually turned out pretty nicely.

Kurt and I bought a Macbook Pro as a family gift this year, so why do I come to you from my 4 year old Dell inspiron? Well, the Mac has not worked right from the beginning and we're going to Apple today to try to get them to just give us a new computer, I'd say this is unacceptable for a brand new Mac! Wouldn't you?!

Kurt went back to Tennessee to work a few days while Oliver and I stayed in DE to get ready for the wedding on New Years Eve. I'm not sure how much help we were since he's into everything he sees, but we were there regardless.

We got to VA a day later than planned for the wedding but we actually did pull it all off. Libby was a fabulous bride just rolling with the punches with things like being told she couldn't have the ceremony where we planned the week of the wedding, a hospital stay, and finding out we couldn't actually use the linens we were told we could use.

Libby was a beautiful bride and the day really panned out nicely. I'll post a blog of pictures once we get this computer thing worked out, my pictures are on the Mac.

The night of the wedding Kurt hit a deer, that really turned out for that too. The grill came off of the car but there was no other damage.

Jenny and Ryan got a Canon Eos Rebel for Christmas from Ryan's family and I fell in love with the camera. After finding one on Woot.com Kurt bought me a similar model to theirs. I'm so excited to have it for Oliver's first birthday!

That leads me to Oliver and his updates. He got his first tooth this morning!! I'd say it's about time! He's done great with it though and isn't fussy, he's busy like always happy to be back at home. He's walking behind his pushing toys and will stand on his own. He's been close to his first steps several times, I keep holding my breath thinking he's going to do it. He's so close. We're in party planning mode with lots to do before his first birthday. His party will be a sock monkey party on January 28th. We're very excited to celebrate with our friends and family!