Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ramblings from the nesting lady

Oooh my.  Life is flying by.  I'm 12 (ish) weeks away from becoming a mother of two!  I have SO much that still needs done.  And we have the holidays which makes time fly even more!  Last week I decided we needed to stay home instead of traveling to DE for Thanksgiving this year.  I had a really hard time making the decision but once it was made I felt really good about it.  It just felt like too much.  So we are staying home and celebrating in our OWN home for the first time!  We have ordered Crackle Barrel to go so we can still eat here, BUT I don't have to cook.  Does it get any better than that?

My nesting this time has come and gone in different and odd spurts.  One week in September I obsessed over decorating for fall.  Another week I obsessed over making a list of things that needed done and a calendar to show when they would get done.  Two weeks ago I purchased the fabric for Julianne's nursery and had her quilt made within 3 days of buying the fabric.  Last week I obsessed over decorating for Christmas!  Two nights ago I was worried about what kind of curtains she'd have in her bedroom.  I had planned on making them from either a shower curtain or a table cloth but hadn't found anything I loved.  I got on amazon and was pleasantly surprised to find ivory ruffle curtain panels that would add a soft, girly, chic element to her room!

My running to do list for the nursery includes-

  • make pillow for glider with leftover fabric from quilt
  • finish her flag banner (I found lace at JoAnns I want to use instead of ribbon)
  • revamp Oliver's crib skirt with lace for some antique frill
  • buy curtain rod to hang new ruffle curtains!
  • possibly make a custom breathable bumper
  • make a minky blanket that "goes" with her quilt to drape on glider?
  • buy baskets for changing table
  • other wall hanging

    • Wall flower - (no idea why my font just changed!?)
    • I'd like to display her name or maybe just initials somehow- not sure how yet?
    • scrap fabrics and papers in white frames?
As you can see I still have quite a list to do in the nursery.  I'd really like to get a few of those checked off this week while we have some down time for the holiday! :)  It is very important to me this time to have her nursery prepared for her.  Since Oliver came one week after moving I never got to prepare for him with a nursery that was ready and waiting just for him.  I need that this time.

In other news.  I saw Dr. Brabson today.  I lurve him.  We had a nice chat and I got a nice shot of Rhogam in my butt.  I really appreciate how he's laid back and just chats with me.  I even asked him opinion on a nettles tea I've heard good things about.  He wasn't familiar with it but took the time to ask me what my research told me as far as benefits go.  He even agreed to deliver me in the water if I want and Oliver is welcome at the birth if we decide we want him there!  Dr. B is a gem!  Julianne's heart rate was 146 and my belly measured right on for 28 weeks.  I also only gained 1 pound this month which was great but I still feel fat.  Jeans are just not comfortable.  The constant pulling up is driving me crazy.  I'm leaning towards wearing dresses and yoga pants.  Don't worry, I won't wear them together!

I think that's enough random thoughts for one night.  I'm ready for bed.  Oh yea, I'm sleeping in our king bed alone!  Kurt is helping Oliver make the adjustment to his own room by sleeping with him.  Don't worry, Oliver has a queen bed.  But mama is enjoying the room to sprawl!  :)



  1. Darby has those exact curtains in white! I adore them. Aaaaaand wow, you're a busy Mama!! I'm glad you get to have the nursery ready this time. Also, Oliver has a queen bed?! Lucky him! How's he doing with it? We're probably going to change Darby's to a toddler bed soon. I'm still a nervousness wreck about it, but I'm hoping that goes smooth. Or at least as smooth as it can go! Hah!

  2. What beautiful things!

    Are you planning to have a water birth? How amazing!