Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nursery Reveal!

I can proudly say that Julianne's nursery is very, very close to being finished!  So close in fact, that I'm ready to share it with you!  I know you've been dying to see it! :)  

I am so happy with how pink, lacy, and girly it has turned out!  Honestly, when we moved into our home I was about 16 weeks pregnant and was NOT planning on having a nursery for her.  Then I changed my mind into having a shared nursery/playroom.  Then I changed my mind again and decided I really wanted to do another nursery!  And a girly one at that!  Darn pinterest with all its too cute to pass up ideas for DIY, fun, and beautiful projects!  

So as usual Kurt gave me the freedom to go somewhat wild in making our third bedroom a special place for our daughter.  Honestly though, when I say wild I do not mean budget wise.  More about that after the big reveal though! 

Without further ado.  I'd like to take you on a tour of Julianne's nursery! 

Do you believe me when I say---The entire thing cost..... 

drumroll please.......... 

a whopping.....


Can.You.Believe.It?!  I'm rather proud of that.  Granted we already had all the furniture but still.  There's so much more to a nursery than the furniture!  The details are where it's really at!  I made just about everything you see there with the exception of the hairbow holder and the wreath.  The hairbow holder was an awesome gift from the ladies who threw my baby shower; and the wreath was made by another friend along with the ABC sign!  If there is interest I can create another post with the tutorials I used to accomplish the projects you see!  

Honestly, it feels SO.GOOD to have a nursery that is done, ready, and waiting!  I needed that so much in my last pregnancy and I never got it.  This time though, I made it and it feels good!  

Little Miss Julianne, thank you for cooking longer than your brother did.  Lets stay pregnant another few weeks my love.  I'm having fun preparing for your arrival and my to-do list is getting shorter! 

Much Love!

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  1. It's just beautiful, Marissa!! I love everything about it. She is one blessed baby girl, even before she has arrived!