Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A crazy slew of happenings.

At the moment I'm feeling sleep deprived and overwhelmed. We have had an eventful few weeks. Here's the ultra-short version.

1. Oliver needs to go to the ER while in IN for Thanksgiving - we've yet to get a bill for this
2. 2nd outbreak of hives and Dr. visit
3. Dryer breaks while I have WET DIAPERS
4. Brakes need replaced on the Taurus -$200
5. Find a washer/dryer on craigslist for -$400
6. Plan to go pick them up a couple days later- that night comes and while Kurt is disconnecting our old washing machine the pipe breaks leaking water for a solid 10 minutes of chaos until we figure out how to turn the water supply off. Note to self- always know where the water meter is. Do you know where yours is? If not, you should find out.
7. Call a plumber (afterhours) to come and fix our mess. -$200 ( I thought this was a perk of renting...???)
8. Libby is admitted to the hospital with kidney stones

Shew. Good thing we have an emergency fund. Libby is staying here trying to get better. Poor girl. I'm behind on laundry, house work, and cleaning. I need to wrap Oliver's presents and get the house cleaned before Saturday so we can celebrate our family Christmas. Then be ready to leave for DE next Wednesday and stay gone until after Libby and Sean's wedding.

This isn't how I pictured our month going but really things could be worse. I am so thankful for my beautiful family and for the blessings we have. Throughout our crazy month Kurt and I have managed to keep things relatively light-hearted.


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  1. So much fun! Lots of ups and downs (maybe more downs this month) but it's been some good life experience. Seriously, do you know where your water cut-off is? Find it!

    Cute kid keeps us laughing. And good friends! (Thanks Rich!)