Monday, December 5, 2011

New Christmas Traditions

I always love this time of year!  We have been enjoying some festivities this weekend; starting with  Christmas cookies on Saturday night. I pinned a bunch of pretty Christmas cookies on pinterest and pictured beautiful cookies.  Lets just say our were not photo worthy.  Everyone made sure to comment that the icing I made was too runny.  Oh well, they still taste good!

We then watched Love Actually which is a tradition I've kept every Christmas season for about 5 years now.  I LOVE that movie and if you haven't seen it you should watch it!

Sunday we did Oliver's baby dedication at church.  Oliver did a great job on stage and we appreciated being prayed for as new parents with a precious little soul to raise.

We came home and ate a quick sandwich before laying down for a Sunday afternoon family nap. Kurt accidentally set the alarm for am instead of pm so we woke up an hour later than we planned.  We still made it out the door in time to go to one of my favorite places in Knoxville, The Tennessee Theater.  They were doing a free showing of It's A Wonderful Life.  We'd never seen the movie before and jumped at the chance to go back to the Tennessee Theater. Libby and Sean (my little sister and her hubby-to-be) met us there and ended up taking Oliver to the lobby for a good part of the movie.  Then we went to my favorite Knoxville restaurant, Cafe' 4.  Afterwards to got a few pics in front of the big tree on Gay Street before heading home to call it a night.
Oliver and I at the TN Theater

In front of the Gay Street tree

The bride and her groom!
Maybe if we stay in Knoxville the Tennessee Theater will become a new tradition for our little family.  We really enjoyed our evening.  Thanks for reading.  Enjoy some egg nog and Christmas cookies with your loved ones!


  1. First Marissa, let me say that you look fabulous! You always have that Mommy in love glow to you and I love seeing pictures of you and Oliver and of the three of you. Second, if you think your cookies weren't picture worthy, you should have seen some of the things I've taken pictures of that I've made in the past. Haha! I've just started taking pictures no matter what because if it's not pretty, it turns into a memory. :) I've been thinking about a tradition D and I can start with Darby this year. We still have a few weeks to figure it out I guess. xo :)

  2. Thanks Cathy. That is so sweet of you! I'm trying to make sure I still feel good about myself which isn't always easy as a new mom, as I'm sure you know! I'll snap a picture of the cookies. The colors bled and a lot of them turned into a brown with mixing the red and green! lol!! Love you!

  3. I love It's a Wonderful Life! I watch that and Miracle on 34th Street (the old one in black and white) every year! Gotta love Christmas traditions. :)

  4. It's always so nice to read your posts. It's such a sweet peek into your family life :)