Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A beauty outing.

Libby and I had a fabulous day on Saturday.  We had an appointment with the best hair dresser ever, David at Max Hair and Nails.  I was getting highlights and Libby needed a trim.  We enjoyed Starbucks while we were pampered and I even painted my nails while my dye sat.  Is that tacky?  They do nails there but they were really busy so I did my own!  With my own polish of course.  Have you ever tried Essie nail polish?  OhMeeeGeee it's the BEST polish I've ever used.  I bought 5 colors last week and have tried two of them and love them both!

After our salon session I was itching to get to Sephora just to continue our beauty day and to see what I could blow some money on since I saved money by painting my own nails! ;)  So we made our way to the mall, which I hardly ever go to anymore.  At Sephora we had a grand old time trying on makeup.  Don't you love that you can test everything out before you buy?  It's wonderful!  I have had my eye on Nars Orgasm blush for a couple years and have never dropped the bucks on it.  Well you know what, how often do you buy blush?  Not that often.  So I did what any girl would do when she's on a beauty outing and bought what I wanted.

I got Nars Orgasm blush.
Boxum Blackest Black Mascara
Tarina Tarintino Eye Dream Highligh Duo

I left one happy camper.  Since then I'm VERY happy with the makeup choices I made.  The mascara is the best mascara I've ever tried.  It goes on so nicely and I don't have very long eyelashes, as in, my eyelashes are short.  And I really love it.  My only complaint is that the eye shadow in freaking hard to open, isn't that weird?  I chipped a pretty red nail trying to open it so that made me unhappy.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I have so many girly things to say about this post.

    1) Gah I am so jealous that you had a fun beauty day!
    2) I have a couple Essie colors and love them so so much.
    3) I have been a nail-biter in the past. Now that I've grown them out, they keep breaking.
    4) I noticed that your makeup looked really nice when you were here!!

    1. Thanks for all your girly comments!

      1) I've always used OPI before now and I think I'm a convert.

      2) Sorry your nails keep breaking, I'd say it's due to mommyhood, I used to always have long nails and now they are pretty short-ish.

      3) Thanks!

      ps. maybe we've found our next playdate!! ;)

  2. Yes! What baby boy doesn't love a good beauty day! ;)