Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New furniture!

Have you seen my old couch?  The one that was Kurt's great- grandmother's couch?  The one that's sturdy but ugly as sin.  The one with the surefit slipcover that I adjust all day long. Guess what?  It's no longer an eye sore in my living room!  It's morphed into our bedroom to deal with later but now my living room is neatly decorated with a chocolate brown sofa and matching love seat and a leather ottoman!  The ottoman is doubled as our coffee table.  Something I've wanted for a long time!  It's perfect for children.  There are no sharp corners, no glass to bang on (like our old one), and it doubles for seating if need be.  I'm in love.

Guess where this furniture came from?  I'm almost embarrassed to tell you... We shopped our main local stores without much avail and then decided to try Value City Furniture.  We were surprisingly impressed with their selection and their prices.  We made our selection after a few hours of my indecisiveness, but I am pleased.  It was just delivered today and the delivery men were fabulous!  They moved our old couch (which was pushed in the middle of the room along the edge of the kitchen) into our bedroom for us.  They had to get crafty to get it through the door but they did great without hurting a thing!  AND get this, Oliver was napping in our bedroom and they didn't even wake him!  Needless to say I was totally impressed!

So do you want to see our new furniture?  Will an iPhone pic do?  No?! Ok I'll get a better one.

Alright, while the pictures are uploading let me tell you the room is not yet complete.  I've had my eye on an accent chair but I'm waiting to actually purchase it for a few reasons.  Here's the one I'm eyeing.  Do I need one or two?  If I buy it now I have to get a new rug and cover the red stripped pillows that came with the couches.  So you understand that will wait a bit.  For now, I'm very happy.  Thanks Kurt!! <3

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