Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April: A Birthday, A Move, and a Tummy Bug.

A Birthday:
Let's go back to the first week of the month.  My birth week.  Prior to becoming an old married lady, I used to get a "birth month".  I'm not sure exactly what started the tradition, but my parents celebrated me the whole month of April.  Usually that meant I got to chose where we were going to eat dinner, pick the movie, etc. during the month of April.  Now that I'm more mature, older, I no longer expect a month but I am blessed with a week.  I started the week with shopping with the money my Mother-in-law always sends me for my birthday.  Libby, Oliver, and I went to Platos Closet and to another store called Marti and Liz Shoes.  I stretched my $50 and got at least $250 worth of items.  I would gladly give you shopping lessons if you'd like.  Although, someone should teach me how to coupon so I could make the same savings on our grocery bill.  Anyway, I got a brand new "Intuitions" dress in royal blue, with the tags on it, marked $129, for $20!!  I also got a Lapis dress.  Have you seen these?  They can be worn as a dress or a skirt.  They retail about $70 and I paid $12.  I also got a pair of BCBG sandals at Marti and Liz.  I had never been there but it's a really cool store with tons of shoes and all of them are really good brands.  

We continued our week the following day by heading to the nail salon where we had our nails done.  This was my present from Kurt.  He kept Oliver and Libby and I headed out for some pampering.  We really enjoyed it.  The next day I wore my new Intuitions dress and went on a date with Kurt.  Libby and Sean kept Oliver and we saw The Hunger Games and had a late dinner at Cafe 4.  Luckily Kurt was off on my actual birthday for Good Friday.  We spent the day as a family and enjoyed dinner at The Brewery and walking around downtown a bit.  Kurt also made me a cake all by himself.  It was delicious with homemade cream cheese icing and strawberries on top and in between the layers.  Yum!! 


This was the first time we've celebrated Easter Sunday with Oliver.  Last year he was tiny and we were in VA with family.  Since we were home this year we decided to start our own tradition of celebration.  We went to church and came home to a yummy lunch.  We had ham, mashed potatoes, pineapple casserole, green bean casserole, and knot rolls.  It was all delicious!  We also had a little Easter egg hunt and Oliver got his first easter basket!  We had a good time but had to accommodate his nap time by letting him sleep after our outside pictures.  He was not in the greatest of moods after having such a big lunch, he knew it was time for a nap.  So he slept a couple hours and we proceeded with his egg hunt and Easter basket then.  He did find all the eggs with some coaching from us.  He also enjoyed opening his Easter basket.  It was fun.  

 I love this picture with his little excited hand grabbing his basket. 

We decided we could go all out this year for his Easter basket but I predict as we have more and more children the Easter bunny may not be able to be as generous.  This year he got baby gap socks, Ikea plates, a Klean Kaneteen with toddler attachment, new Hana Anderson swimming trunks and swim shirt, Boogie wipes, and a Shutterfly book of his Spring so far.  

A Move:
Libby and Sean moved next door to us this month!  It was totally unexpected but our neighbors talked with us about renting out their house.  We jokingly said Libby and Sean could move in and less than a week later, we have new neighbors!  I am so excited to have them next door and know we'll look back on this time as such a neat chapter in our lives.  Libby and I both get to stay home.  We have our babies next door to each other, I'm not sure how long it will last but I will soak it up for however long it does! 

A Tummy Bug:
We discovered that Oliver had his fourth tooth coming through on Sunday the 15th.  He was very tired after church and went to bed without lunch.  He slept for a long time, 3.5 hours.  When he woke up he had a fever and soon after he lost his dinner.  We called the nurse on call and she suggested making an appointment first thing in the morning to have him seen.  So Monday, we went in to the Dr and were told he had an ear infection.  He is allergic to penicillin so she put him on another medication.  We were glad to know it was something we could treat, that he was not contagious, and that he would be feeling better soon.  Well, we weren't so lucky.  The medicine turned out to greatly upset his stomach.  Without sharing too many mommy details, he was sick from both ends.  My mommy instinct told me the medicine was causing a problem so I called his Dr again Wednesday morning and they fit him in that afternoon.  I was not happy to be going back to the Dr but I knew the med was not right and knew his body couldn't handle the reaction he was having for 10 days.  SO we trudged back out to the Dr and Daddy met us there.  Seeing another Dr in the office, he said that Oliver did NOT in fact have an ear infection and to stop the medication.  He also wanted us to wait in the office for Oliver to eat a popsicle to see if he could keep it down.  If not, we were headed to Children's Hospital for IV fluids.  He turned out to eat the popsicle and kept it down so we were able to go on our way.  We stopped the medication he didn't need in the first place and thought that was going to be the end of it.  Well it turns out it wasn't.  He continued to get sick from both ends the rest of that evening and the following day.  We were close to taking him to Children's for fluids several times.  As the medicine left his system he seemed to get better.  Come Thursday he was doing quite a bit better.  Libby and I headed to Duck Duck Goose when Kurt got home that day.  I was exhausted and did not feel like shopping but really needed to get the rest of Oliver's summer wardrobe.  By the time I got home that evening I was miserable.  It turns out I had a fever and Oliver really did have a stomach bug.  By Friday, Kurt was sick as well.  We spent the rest of the weekend through Monday recuperating and trying to get well.  It was quite a marathon of a sickness and was the first time we've been sick like that.  Libby and Sean both turned out getting it as well.  

So there you have it.  That pretty well covers our month.  It's been a pretty crazy month.  Including two surgeries.  One for Kurt's Aunt Amy and one for his Dad.  Both are recovering and have a long road ahead of them but are doing well.  Libby is 37 weeks and has already had a few labor scares.  We're at the edge of our seats waiting for baby Hadelyn to make her appearance any day.  

Oh, I almost forgot.  I finally ordered the accent chairs I wanted.  I don't see them on overstock anymore so I think they sold out, but they are on my For the Home pinboard found here, And I found a handmade wool rug at HomeGoods for $99 marked down from $300!  So my living room is coming together!  I just need some covers for these red stripped pillows are we'll be good to go!

That may have been more than you ever wanted to know about our month.  Sorry for that!  It's all the posts I should have done weeks ago, in one long one!  Love ya all! 

The End! 

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