Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Conversation.

Oliver and I had our first conversation yesterday.  The first one where we actually talked back and forth.  Here's how it happened.

We were eating breakfast around 10am, as usual.  ;)  I said "Did you sleep well last night baby doll?"  He replied by shaking his head yes.  I went on, "I'm glad you slept well, that means mommy did too!"  "Did you have any dreams, Oliver"  To which he shook his head yes again.  I replied, "Oh really? What did you dream about?"  He very seriously said, "Bah."  --"Bah" is what he says for a variety of things he loves including his nursies, his bottle, sometimes me, and anything else he's interested in.  I said, "Oh wow, honey!  That's so neat!  I had a dream that I was at Sephora with some friends from high school and we were all getting makeovers there!"  He literally laughed out loud in response!

It was so cute and so sweet.  I can't believe he's big enough to have a conversation with me!

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