Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Purple and Yellow Baby Shower!!

We got to celebrate with another party this past weekend!  Kurt says I'm a pretty good party planner and I'm pretty much enjoying our pattern of a party every other month!  :)  Of course this time I had help from my older sister and bestie, Jenny!  The shower was for my little sister, Libby, the beautiful mama to be!  She's being blessed with a baby girl, hence the purple and yellow theme! I'm all for pretty parties, but I'm not very cutesy.  We kept it pretty and simple and it turned out great.

Hadelyn Mae Looney is due May 14th!  I'm so incredibly happy to have Libby and Sean local and love that they have become our best friends.  (Libby and I already were besties, but now Sean and Kurt get to be too!)  Libby is going to make a wonderful mother!  She has been reading and preparing and is doing a great job and is glowing, of course!  Sean is such a hard worker and loves Libby so much it shows every time he looks at her.  They are such a precious couple.

Ok, okay.  Back to the shower.
Here are the pictures to make you feel like you were there.
And of course recipes are linked!  Enjoy!


 One of Libby's favorite snacks. 
Chocolate pudding with sliced strawberries and cool whip. 
We topped it with carrots, red pepper, broccoli, and celery.
One of my favorite summer salads! 
 Libby's friend from college, Kayla made a fabulous apple dip!  
It's a recipe of her future in laws and we ate it all up!  :)
And Favors!
 Easy Peasy favors from a kit at JoAnn's. 

 My favorite part of the shower! 
We used old clothes, buttons, felt, hot glue, and fabric glue! 
Everyone made a headband, or two!  Great idea, Jenny!!!

 Some of the finished headbands!  Sean made the hot pink one
with the hearts.  Love it! 

We also made a birthing necklace for Libby to wear in labor. 
It has become a tradition in our family. Each guest chooses a glass bead to add to the necklace. 
Libby will wear it in early labor and feel all our love and support. 
Each guest gave their wish for Libby as the added their bead.  Here's a shot of my mom
adding her bead with tears of love. 

 The other hostess looking fab with her best accessory, Eden! 
 Libby is the cake maker in the family and I couldn't ask her to do her own cake, 
and really I figured it's better to just order one than to try to make one and ruin it!
So this was our solution.  A simple white cake from Kroger that I topped with fresh flowers. 
Simple and pretty.  And it tasted pretty darn good! 
 Time for cake! 

 Libby and I!
And by far my favorite shot of the day!!!!

I think things turned out pretty well and Libby was able to be blessed as a mother to be.  She did not get a bridal shower so I am glad we were able to treat her to a nice baby shower.  She means so much to us and I really can't wait to meet my new niece, Hadelyn Mae!  I love you dear girl, and your mommy! 

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