Monday, January 23, 2012

Oliver's Movie!

Kurt made a movie that we played at Oliver's birthday party.  He documented Oliver's first year wonderfully and I can't stop watching the video.  I love seeing Oliver's milestones and how he's grown and changed this year.  I love my baby boy!


  1. I had the Mommy tears flowing from beginning to end! This was really beautiful, Riss! (& Kurt) Oliver is growing to be a wonderful little man. :)


  2. I love this movie! Great job, Kurt. I cried at the beginning, then laughed/smiled so much my cheeks hurt. Beautiful movie, and way to go on capturing so many of his special moments this year. Love you all. (Jenny)

  3. So cute :-) Our middle little guy was born at 31 weeks so we know what raising a premmie is like. Do you know why was Mr. Oliver premature? I love your blog and your birth story. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you everyone.
    Alicia, We don't know for sure why Oliver was early but we think it had to do with the fact that we moved when I was 35 weeks pregnant. After that I just stayed really swollen and uncomfortable and was doing too much. I think my body just couldn't handle being pregnant anymore. I regret not slowing down when my body was telling me to. I thought I was just being lazy or something. So that's my theory anyway. We won't have a sure answer to why, I guess. I hope that my next babies are full term! I also loved your birth story. Hope you are enjoying life with your 3 littles! :)